curl curl verb 1. to form or make sth form into a curl or curls • 卷;(使)拳曲,变鬈曲: ▪ [V]
»His hair curls naturally.
▪ [also VN] 2. [usually +adv. / prep.] to form or make sth form into a curved shape • (使)成拳曲状;蜷曲: ▪ [V]
»The cat curled into a ball and went to sleep.
▪ [VN]
»She curled her legs up under her.
3. [usually +adv. / prep.] to move while forming into a twisted or curved shape; to make sth do this • (使)呈螺旋(或卷曲)状移动;(使)旋绕;缭绕: ▪ [V]
»The smoke curled steadily upwards.
▪ [VN]
»He turned and curled the ball around the goalkeeper.
4. [V VN] if you curl your lip or your lip curls, you move your lip upwards and sideways to show that you think sb / sth is stupid or that you are better than they are • 撅起嘴唇;撇(嘴) 【IDIOMS】--› see toe n. 【PHR V】 ˌcurl ˈup | be ˌcurled ˈup • to lie or sit with your back curved and your arms and legs bent close to your body • 蜷曲着坐(或躺):
»She curled up and closed her eyes.
ˌcurl ˈup | ˌcurl sb ˈup (BrE, informal) • to become or make sb become very embarrassed • (使)感到十分尴尬 ˌcurl ˈup | ˌcurl sth∽ˈup • to form or make sth form into a tightly curled shape • (使)形成紧紧的卷曲状:
»The paper started to shrivel and curl up in the heat.
noun 1. a small bunch of hair that forms a curved or round shape • (一{{}})鬈发:
»Her hair was a mass of curls.
»The baby had dark eyes and dark curls.
2. [C, U] the tendency of hair to form curls • (指头发)拳曲:
»His hair had a natural curl.
3. a thing that forms a curved or round shape • 卷状物;螺旋状物:
»a curl of smoke
»Decorate the cake with curls of chocolate.
»a contemptuous curl of the lip (= an expression showing disapproval)
* * *
v. (使)捲曲

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